Somewhere down in the thick woods of Central Java, transcending over the encompassing trees, lies an abandoned, disintegrating church looking like a giant chicken with its snout open mid-cackle. Called Gereja Ayam (“Chicken Church”) by local people, this odd structure draws in several explorers and picture takers to the slopes of Magelang, Indonesia every year.

The story behind Gereja Ayam is nearly as peculiar as the structure itself. In the late ’80s, a man named Daniel Alamsjah claims he got a heavenly message from God instructing him to assemble a supplication house looking like a pigeon. The 67-year-old picked a slope not a long way from Magelang, his significant other’s old neighborhood, as the site of his aspiring undertaking. Along with 30 local people, Alamsjah began development on the amazing structure during the ’90s.

In spite of his Christian confidence, Alamsjah says that the supplication house was intended to invite admirers all things considered. Numerous Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists congregated under its housetop, while the lower floors were utilized as recovery offices for sedate addicts, youngsters with incapacities, upset adolescents, and the intellectually sick.

The congregation shut its entryways in 2000 on the grounds that development costs were excessively high, however it keeps on being an object of interest to numerous guests in the territory.

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