The Yeager Estate – Historic Mansion in the Catskill Mountains of New York

Built by Yeager Benjamin in 1936, the Yeager Estate featured unique Spanish Revival styling paired with blonde brick with Art Deco patterns and a Mediterranean tile roof.

An 11-room Abandoned Brick House Built in Scott County, Kentucky, circa 1792.

The James K. Duke House is an antebellum, 11-room brick house constructed circa 1792 in Scott County, Kentucky.

Kenoza Dell Abandoned House from New York

The Kenoza Dell House is an abandoned tourist boarding house in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Chateau Alègre in France

A charming castle, built in 1574 classified as a historical monument, abandoned for many years, which is ransacked!

Edward Gein Castle – France

Abandoned castle lost in the middle of the vineyards near Bordeaux.

Abandoned ghost village in Turkey

A Turkish apparition town abandoned in a populace exchange with Greece.

Abandoned church looking like a giant chicken in Indonesia

Somewhere down in the thick woods of Central Java, transcending over the encompassing trees, lies an abandoned, disintegrating church looking like a giant chicken with its snout open mid-cackle.